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Once I understood how New City designs and manages projects, I asked myself, "Why would anyone do it any other way?"

New City is an all-inclusive design-build firm dedicated to delivering both a beautiful, new home and an incredibly-smooth experience. Our team of seasoned professionals handles all the complex demands of your custom, residential construction, so you can relax and enjoy the outcome. 

How do we make it happen? We use a clearly-defined process; we continuously offer our clients direct, honest advice; we rely on the expertise and integrity of our talented pros and we operate with complete financial transparency.  Our standard is your total satisfaction. 

If we're the kind of partner you want to work with for your addition, custom home or remodeling project, let's talk.



Every project starts with design.  What are the objectives? What are the constraints? What are the best solutions for you? With an inspired design, your dreams can be woven from reality.

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Great planning is the secret. It's the key that many companies ignore. By planning for what could happen -- as well as what should -- we minimize risk and optimize the building process.  

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If design and planning are done well, building is the easy part. Here, communication is key, so that you always know exactly what is happening with your project and what to expect. 

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