Team with Us on Our Client Projects

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We consider New City a design-build firm because we manage both the design and the construction processes for our customers. However, for many of our projects, we team with talented architects that are just the right fit for our clients' needs.

We believe in a highly collaborative approach where all the players work together to come up with the best possible solutions for our clients.  We believe that working together from the start is the best way to get great design, construction efficiencies, and projects that hit budget. Once we get to know you, we will look for opportunities to bring you in on our client projects where we think your design and style would be the perfect fit.  For more on our approach to design-build, click here.

We’ll Team with You on Your Client Projects

We'd love the opportunity to work with you on your client projects as well as working with you on ours. Include us as part of your team when working through the design process with your clients. Alternatively, we do sometimes get involved in projects after an initial set of design documents have been created, and the project is entering into a more traditional bid process.

Because we deliver a full set of pre-construction services (including proactive discovery) as part of the development of a firm, fixed price, we cannot provide a detailed "free estimate" on a completed set of bid documents. However, we are more than happy to conduct a complimentary site visit and provide a ballpark estimate on a bid set to help clients determine whether or not we are a company they want to evaluate further. In addition, we are happy to work through the pre-construction process with your clients at a substantially lower cost than our services for full design-build projects, since they will be much further along in their planning with your guidance. If you have a project like this, let's talk.

Work with Us on Our Development Projects

In addition to building projects for homeowner clients, New City also develops projects for sale. Just as we do with our client projects, we often use outside architects to help us design and permit our development projects. Get to know us, and we will understand when to rely on your skills for the projects we are undertaking.

Before Renovation & Addition - 700 SF

Before Renovation & Addition - 700 SF

After Renovation & Addition - 3,300 SF

After Renovation & Addition - 3,300 SF

Feel Confident Making Referrals

We understand that referrals can be risky. Make a good one to a client or friend, and you're the hero who solved their problems. Make a bad one, and you've damaged your credibility.

At New City, referrals are the lifeblood of our business and we take them very seriously. Here's why you can feel confident referring your clients and friends to New City. 

Proven Process

We have spent many years developing a detailed process that allows us to deliver great results and a smooth client experience. When people see our well-documented approach, they understand that they are working with an experienced company that will guide them smoothly from beginning to end.

Clear Communication

Nationally, when remodeling customers are asked about what could have been improved about their client experience, the overwhelming answer is communication. So, we focus on communication at New City. During the project, we provide daily email updates, so you never have to wonder what's going on. We have a Construction Concierge who is always available to assist with answers to your questions, and we use a cloud-based, construction-management system, so your project information is available to you 24/7: schedule, plans, permits, selections and change orders.

Comprehensive Planning

Every construction project has unexpected elements. However, New City has innovated a process we call Proactive Discovery, which we use during planning to anticipate as many potential issues as possible. We have developed a 15-page project inventory to assess project requirements and risks. This helps us solve many project challenges in advance, so clients have fewer unpleasant surprises and delays during construction. This helps keep every project on schedule and on budget.

Independent Oversight

New City is a member of GuildQuality, a client satisfaction company that helps us understand how our clients feel about their experience with New City -- both during and after the process. GuildQuality independently surveys our clients and rates our performance. We use this objective feedback to continuously improve our process and our company.