Why should I hire a design/build firm rather than hire an architect then a contractor?

We believe it's the best approach -- to deliver speed, savings, and a smooth process.  Want to know more? See our design-build philosophy.

What style do you build?

Your style. Homeowners and their homes are unique, and every client brings their own desires to each project. We are here to translate your desires into design and construction. We build contemporary, we build arts and crafts, we build traditional; it's up to you. 

Do you charge a fee for the initial in-home consultation?

If you own your home or have a ratified contract on a property, we will meet with you on site to review your project at no cost. We will then provide a written report outlining your priorities for the project and a recommended investment range.

If you need help with a home you are considering purchasing (but don't yet have under contract), we are happy to review the real estate listing online and talk you through the project by phone to give you a sense of what work might be required, along with a likely investment range for the project.

How can I best prepare for the in-home design consultation?

  • Make a list of your renovation goals and give some thought as to how you would prioritize these if you have to make budget trade-offs.
  • If you are considering an addition to your home, please have a copy of your building plat for us.
  • Visit the website and create an Ideabook with photos you like. When you share your Ideabook with us, we can quickly get a sense of your personal style and desires. 
  • Give some thought to what you want to invest in your project. During our meeting, we will ask you about your target investment, and we will be very open in discussing with you what can be accomplished with the funds available. While we understand that budget is a sensitive issue for some clients, our goal is to help design a plan that will achieve as many of your goals as possible. To do this, we need to understand what you want to invest.

Will you build a project that has already been designed by my architect?

Yes, we do build projects designed by architects that are retained directly by homeowners. We are happy to review a set of drawings at no cost and provide you with a ballpark budget for construction. If you would like a detailed construction cost estimate with a firm, fixed price for your project, we do charge a fee for this, since it a time-consuming element of the pre-construction services we typically provide under a design-build agreement. 

How long will design, planning and construction take?

When you sign a pre-construction agreement, we will provide you with an estimated timetable for design and planning. As part of the planning phase, we will develop the schedule for construction. If you have a required timetable, let us know about this during the initial meeting, and we can consider this in our overall planning.  We'll give you an honest assessment whether it is reasonable and what factors may affect it. We find that clients have a biggest impact on schedule than they realize. The quicker you are able to make and approve design decisions, the quicker the process is likely to proceed.