"We Exist to build and sustain Places where people love to be"



We cultivate intense subject-matter expertise. We innovate and pursue operational excellence.

  • We highly value experts and their wisdom. We are building our company to attract the very best employees, subcontractors, suppliers and partners.
  • We constantly seek better ideas, innovative practices, new systems and processes, and continuous improvement.


We tell the truth and share what we know – even when people don’t want to hear it.

  • We value honesty, transparency and personal responsibility.
  • We proactively share what we know, so others can make good decisions too. We strive to set clear expectations up front.
  • We do this whether or not it benefits us, and even if others prefer not to hear the truth.


We get involved. We build relationships. We take the long view.

  • We believe that our relationships and reputation are our most important assets. We make decisions with this in mind; it guides our choices.
  • When short-term benefits conflict with long-term relationship development, we favor the long view. Our goal is always to ensure a great outcome for all parties.
  • We are engaged in our community and actively support it.  We volunteer. We participate in associations. We get involved


We understand we are in a cyclical industry and plan accordingly.

  • We believe all stages of the real estate cycle provide opportunities. However, we must always remain vigilant to understand market conditions and threats.
  • We require a diversified set of market offerings and investment strategies to thrive in all stages of the cycle.
  • We operate as a lean company, conserving our resources and maintaining financial reserves to buffer difficult periods.