Custom Homes Bring
Your Dreams to Life

Why build a custom home?

  • You’ve looked and looked, but can’t seem to find your ideal home on the market.
  • There’s too much competition for the best properties, and everything you love seems to be priced just out of reach.
  • You want new construction, but there’s very little offered close in, since land is so scarce.
  • You own a empty or demo-ready lot, and now you’re ready to build your dream home.

No matter the reason, a custom home enables you to build your ideal home in the location you choose. New City offers deep knowledge of custom building in the DC area. Let us help you design and build a custom home that reflects your vision.

Build Your Custom Home: Getting Started 

This is one of the most exciting phases of a custom home build: The design and initial planning. We help you start you start on the right foot. Our process includes:

Initial Consultation. During a one-on-one meeting, New City takes the time to learn about what you want. We are your imagination, helping to bring life to your design ideas.

Site Evaluation. Our custom home projects fall into two categories: Construction on empty lots and raze of an existing structure + custom home build. New City will help you understand the possibilities and potential limitations for your site.

Design Process. A custom home project starts with you. What are your dreams? How will your new home serve your lifestyle? What’s your budget? What are the constraints presented by zoning and the site. We weave your style, inspirations and needs into a custom design that works within the site’s limitations.

Materials Selection. Work closely with our design team to choose the materials, colors and finishes for your home. This is when your vision starts coming to life.

From Inspiration, to Moving Day: We Guide You Through the Process

New City brings a deep knowledge of local building requirements to every project. Plus, we offer guidance through the entire project lifecycle -- from initial design to project planning and through construction. Our detailed process helps smooth your custom homebuilding experience.


The project design should reflect your vision. That’s why we start with your needs, budget and desires. We talk about your style and look at photos until we understand you. We walk you through options, and go from there. The result is a design you love and can’t wait to bring to life.


A smooth building process requires in-depth planning. Before we ever pick up a hammer, we build your project on paper, working to capture all the details in advance. Before we start construction, we make sure the whole team is clear on exactly what is being built – how and when.


During construction, we make sure you stay informed. New City manages the entire process and keeps you up-to-date with online project management tools, weekly email updates and milestone-based site meetings. Sit back and watch your vision come to life while we handle all the details.

Additional Services

New City can help you work through other aspects of the project as well.

  • Compliance Considerations: New construction requires compliance with multiple agencies within local government. Your project needs to adhere to zoning ordinances and building codes. In addition, coordination is needed with utility companies and other third parties. New City is highly experienced in anticipating the requirements for each project and helping you plan for these costs. We manage the project to avoid unnecessary rework, red tape and delays.
  • Project Financing: We have relationships with construction lenders who will fund your project, and we can help you through the paperwork process in getting your loan approved. Learn More.

Start Your Custom Home Building Journey Today[

Getting to your ideal home requires guidance and experience. Let New City design and build the home of your dreams.