Rebuild Your Home After a
Fire, Flood or Natural Disaster

Fires, floods and other natural disasters are devastating. In the weeks and months that follow, you’re likely to be overwhelmed as you recover and plan to rebuild. Coordinating the details of a home rebuilding project can be an enormous source of anxiety, during this stressful time.

Often, after a disaster, homeowners are bombarded by large restoration companies with big marketing operations. They have one goal in mind. Follow the emergency equipment, sign up the client and get the insurance contract. Their approach is cookie cutter, and their objective is to produce the project at the cheapest possible price, so they can maximize their profits. Your needs, your concerns, and the improvements you want to make to your home are not a priority.

It doesn’t have to be like that. You need an experienced construction partner that is focused on rebuilding your home your way. You can have it either just the way it was – or with new spaces, features and layouts. When your home is damaged or destroyed, the silver lining is that you can put it back the way YOU want it to be.

New City offers a complete solution. We design, plan and build amazing home restorations. In addition, we provide guidance as you navigate the insurance settlement process. In this trying time, New City is a construction partner you can rely on. We will guide you through from beginning to end.

Our Home Restoration Solutions

A home restoration can help you reimagine your home’s spaces and achieve “like new” finishes throughout. Three types of projects are most common. They include:

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·         Demo and Rebuild New: A home that's damaged beyond repair must be razed and rebuilt. That means you can re-create your home YOUR way, all new from scratch. New City helps you weigh options, design a rebuilt home that meets your needs, and manages the permitting, planning and construction process.

Interior Remodel: Completely restore and/or transform the home’s interior spaces affected by the disaster. Update your kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms with the latest features, finishes and styles. This is your chance to reimagine your home’s interior. If damage was isolated inside the home, an interior remodel can restore and repair the affected spaces.


Total Renovation: This type of remodeling project is required when the interior (and sometimes exterior) must be stripped and replaced. Partition walls are removed, layouts are reconfigured, mechanical systems are repaired or renewed. This type of project will leave all interior spaces “like new.”

A Proven Process: How New City Helps You Rebuild

After the heartache of losing your home, you need a construction partner who has been through it all many times before. New City brings a deep knowledge of working with insurance companies to every project. Plus, we offer guidance through the entire project lifecycle -- from initial design to project planning and through construction. Our detailed process helps smooth your overall experience.


The project design should reflect your vision. That’s why we start with your needs, budget and desires. We talk about your style and look at photos until we understand you. We walk you through options, and go from there. The result is a design you love and can’t wait to bring to life.


A smooth building process requires in-depth planning. Before we ever pick up a hammer, we build your project on paper, working to capture all the details in advance. Before we start construction, we make sure the whole team is clear on exactly what is being built – how and when.


During construction, we make sure you stay informed. New City manages the entire process and keeps you up-to-date with online project management tools, weekly email updates and milestone-based site meetings. Sit back and watch your vision come to life while we handle all the details.

Insurance Claims

New City provides guidance for navigating the insurance claims and settlement process. You need to be an advocate for yourself, and we will also look out for your interests. We want to make sure that the insurance companies reimburse you for everything to which you are entitled. We have helped homeowners like you before; we’re here to offer advice and expertise every step of the way.

A New Home. A Better Home.

It can seem like life will never get back to normal after a fire, flood or other natural disaster. Let us help you and your family move home to a place that’s better than ever. Contact us today to learn more about your options.