Step 1: Design

In-Home Consultation

Every New City project begins with a free in-home consultation. This is your chance to get to know us. Ask questions, pick our brains, bounce around design ideas and develop a better understanding of your design/build options. Learn about similar projects we've completed or anything else you want to know about feasibility, cost ranges and construction timelines. We can also help you figure out your financing options and whether a project makes financial sense as an investment.

Our objective during this meeting is to begin a relationship and to understand you: your style, your priorities for the project, your target investment, your timeline. Also, we like to use the meeting to share our approach to construction projects and the detailed process we use to make sure your experience is a great one.

Schematic Design & Scope of Work

Following the in-home meeting, we'll send you a written summary of our conversation, along with a pre-construction agreement that establishes your target investment for the project (how much you expect to spend). If you want to move forward with New City, you'll execute the agreement and we'll start designing.

We need a full set of drawings to build your project, so that’s where we start. The drawings serve several purposes.

  1. Having great construction documents ensures that all of the details are identified and discussed before they are built; this makes sure you get the project you are expecting.
  2. The local permit office requires detailed information to assure compliance with all building and zoning codes.
  3. The staff and trades that will build your project need clear, detailed information to make sure they can build what you want, the way you want it. 

To create these drawings, next steps include:

  • Documenting existing conditions of your home and taking measurements
  • Identifying potential project challenges and investigating them, so we can design with these considerations in mind
  • Developing drawings of the existing layout of your home
  • Conducting site visits with our construction team and trade partners to develop solutions
  • Developing concept drawings and proposed schematics
  • Monitoring the budget range of the proposed project to ensure we are tracking with the target investment

Throughout this process, you'll have the opportunity to review detailed floor plans, wall elevations and even 3-D renderings to understand our shared vision for the project. Visualizing the project this way makes it easier to determine what you like and what you’d like to change ahead of time.

Developing the final, approved design for your project typically includes several iterations. We work directly with you to develop ideas, evaluate their feasibility, ensure they can be built and then calculate the costs. Then, we recommend alternatives and options as appropriate if adjustments must be made. Using this process, we arrive at a final design, a clearly-defined scope of work, a list of finish material allowances and a firm, fixed price for the project. 

If you are comfortable with our plan and our approach, we execute a Construction Agreement and move forward into planning.