Development Consulting

As a real estate investor, you have an array of development options that can add value to your properties. New City’s mission: to help you choose projects that meet your needs and generate real returns. With a wealth of knowledge in the DC-area’s development, construction and design process, New City is a partner you can trust to help with your investments.

Our Approach

New City supports real estate investors in two areas. First, we can help you consider your options and determine which solutions create the most value. Secondly, you can tap New City to drive your construction project and leave the details up to us. Our services include:

Project Feasibility Analysis – Some projects make sense. Others do not. We help you evaluate projects against zoning requirements to determine expansion or development potential. We also help you explore different uses for a property and evaluate costs and tradeoffs to uncover insights that support decision making.

Turnkey Development – If you have investment capital but want to be a mostly “hands-off” investor in your project, New City can work as your representative on most matters related to the development. We can assist in:
Arranging for or providing required financing

  • Introducing and managing the full team required to complete the development (architecture and engineering, finance, legal, construction, marketing and sales, internal resources, etc.)
  • Providing direction for the development throughout the entire process
  • Participating in design with the architect to propose cost-effective approaches to construction
  • Handling day-to-day development issues as they arise
  • Managing the project schedule and budget