Exceptional Service

It's a Mindset -- Not a Tagline

New City spent a lot of time developing the plans and then went about making the dream come true. The professionalism of the New City team was exceptional. The project was extensive and we had some changes during the build, and the New City team handled them without a hitch. We have been living with the project for 2 years and the quality of the finished project remains excellent. I would highly recommend New City, and will definitely use them again on any project I might do.

First and foremost, New City is a SERVICE business. That's how we see ourselves. That what our entire company is built to deliver. Our mission is to give you an exceptional client experience by converting a very complex process often fraught with perils into one that is fun and exciting. 

Service Is Responsiveness

Throughout your project, we know that you need to hear from us -- both proactively, and when you reach out. Clear communication is a cornerstone of New City, because it is a critical element of successful projects and happy customers.  

Service Is Personal Connection

Our whole team takes your project personally. We care deeply about how your house is built and what it looks like when it is completed. It's not at all uncommon for us to push back on clients when we know that they ultimately won't be happy with the decisions that they are making. We approach every home as if we are going to live there ourselves. 

Service Is Our Honest Opinion

We tell you exactly what it will take to do your whole job right up front AND we alert you to possible issues that might surface as a result of discoveries during the project. We think you are best served by having as much information as possible before you make your decision, even if that means we sometimes have to deliver bad news. You deserve our honest opinion throughout the project.

Service is About Fit

We don’t work with every client or on every project that finds us.  Instead, we’re looking for the right fit: clients that want a “partner in the process” and projects that are large enough to enable us to put or experience to work. The right clients to choose New City:

  • Want to work with professionals who understand the business, provide paperwork to document the job, communicate regularly and always return phone calls promptly.
  • Understand and appreciate that we will always work to deliver them the best possible project -- whatever their budget happens to be.
  • Rely on us to approach their project as if it is our own and advise them accordingly.
  • Value their own time highly, and want us to help them invest it wisely on the project.
  • Know that a great remodeling experience won’t come from the cheapest alternative – but rather from a company that maintains a competent staff, runs a professional operation and prices for value.