Full Gut Rehab of a Condo in Baltimore

We purchased a three bedroom co-op unit that needed a complete renovation. New City was very professional in preparing several designs which refined and enhanced our ideas as well as respecting our budget. Once work got started and we rethought some aspects of the design, they were able to adjust. In addition, they adjusted their work schedule to the rules of the co-op. We visited our unit several times a week and the workmen were always cordial and answered any questions we asked. After the unit was complete, we did a walkthrough with a senior member of the team to create a punch list of items to be corrected. Not only did we point out items to be corrected but the New City staff person put items on the list that we didn’t notice. The final result was high above our expectations including the finishes in the kitchen and baths which were beyond the typical builder grade. New City Construction was very easy to work with.

A retired couple sold their home of 30 years to move into a condo that would let them live on one level. The only problem was that the unit hadn't been updated much in almost 50 years. New City came in and totally gutted the entire unit, expanding and replacing the kitchen and the baths, reconfiguring the space for better use, upgrading the electrical and plumbing, and modernizing virtually every aspect of the unit.

Completed Project

Before Construction