Maximize the Market Value
of Your Investment Properties

You want to invest in DC’s booming housing market and expand your real estate portfolio, but you don’t have the time to become an expert or manage all the details.

Or, maybe you’re a seasoned investor or developer looking for a reliable construction partner that understands the full lifecycle of development in the DC area.

Either way, you need a company with deep knowledge of DC-area construction, a partner that can help you generate maximum returns from your real estate investments. New City is that partner.

New City helps you plan, manage and execute complex development and construction projects.We can help you identify and evaluate the kinds of projects that are most successful in the current marketplace. Provide us your development vision, and we will work with you to create a plan that meets your investment goals.

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Property Investments That Create Real Value

As a real estate investor, there are a range of development options that can add value to your properties. But what kind of project is ideal? New City helps you choose an approach that fits your needs and makes good business sense.

Project Feasibility Analysis – If you are considering a property, we can help you evaluate it against zoning requirements to determine its expansion or development potential.  Exploring different uses for a given property and evaluating costs and trade-offs help provide valuable information for decision making.

Turnkey Development – If you have investment capital but want to be a mostly “hands-off” investor in your project, New City can work as your representative on most matters related to the development. We can assist in:

  • Arranging for or providing required financing
  • Introducing and managing the full team required to complete the development (architecture and engineering, finance, legal, construction, marketing and sales, internal resources, etc.)
  • Providing direction for the development throughout the entire process
  • Participating in design with the architect to propose cost-effective approaches to construction
  • Handling day-to-day development issues as they arise
  •  Managing the project schedule and budget

Many Kinds of Projects

We handle a wide range of construction projects for investors, either standalone or as part of turnkey services:

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Additions: Expand a property’s square footage and maximize its market value. Front, rear and pop-up additions are a few options that can increase the number of units for rent or sale. New City will help you design an addition that returns maximum value.

Remodels: Transform dated or run-down properties into desirable rentals or prep a property for resale. Complete remodels improve an existing property’s interiors and leave them looking brand new.


Total Renovation: A top-to-bottom transformation: All new structures, mechanical systems and finishes are installed inside the existing walls. When a property needs to be completely revitalized, a total renovation offers a solution.

Conversion into Multi-Family: Most DC rowhouses can be transformed into multi-family properties by right. In some zones, there is even the opportunity to create more than two units. 

New Construction: We help you design and build condos, townhomes and mixed-use buildings, turn single-family properties into multi-family properties, and increase space in existing condos and townhouses.

Pre-Sale Renovation: Renovating a property prior to sale can increase market value and reduce time-on-market. We can help you choose remodel options that increase the home’s value and pay back your investment.

A Partner That Provides End-to-End Management

New City brings a deep knowledge of development, construction and local zoning and building requirements to every project, because WE ARE DEVELOPERS TOO. We offer guidance to our clients through the entire project lifecycle. Our detailed process helps smooth your overall experience.


Some projects make good financial sense.  Most do not. We can look at any site and help you determine the highest and best use of the property in the context of the market. And, we dig deeper, looking at how configuration of units can be manipulated to drive additional project value.


The project design should reflect your vision and the constraints imposed by the site and the market. That’s why we start with market-driven requirements and value, walk you through options, and go from there. The result is a design that maximizes project profitability and looks great.


A smooth building process requires in-depth planning. Before we ever pick up a hammer, we build your project on paper, working to capture all the details in advance. Before we start construction, we make sure the whole team is clear on exactly what is being built – how and when.


During construction, we make sure you stay informed. New City manages the entire process and keeps you up-to-date with online project management tools, weekly email updates and milestone-based site meetings. Sit back and watch your vision come alive while we handle all the details.

Additional Services

New City can help you work through other aspects of the project as well.

  • Compliance Considerations: Some remodeling and addition projects require zoning conversions. For example, a single-family building expanded to 2 living units requires a zoning conversion. New City guides projects through the many compliance loopholes, ensuring that the project can be used as expected at the end of construction.
  • Project Financing: Securing financing for a renovation project can sometimes be a challenge. We can share deep knowledge about home equity loans, construction loans, 203K loans and other kinds of renovation financing. If you need it, we will help you weigh all your options and find a source of capital that meets your needs. Learn More.

Generate Maximum Return from Your Investments

Rely on New City’s consulting, design, planning and construction expertise and put your real estate investments to work. Contact us now to learn more about your options.