Remodeling & Additions
Make Your House Work for You

You love the neighborhood. But, your home could be better, much better. You could use a real master suite, some extra bedrooms, more space to entertain, the kitchen of your dreams, or a total renovation. You deserve your dream home. New City can help.

We offer comprehensive home remodels and additions, so you can get the home you’ve always wanted and stay in the neighborhood you love. From initial design, through planning and construction, New City’s deep knowledge and detailed process will help you realize your ideal project.

We help homeowners like you:

  • Increase square footage with additions
  • Bring finishes up to date
  • Remodel kitchens and bathrooms
  • Add master bedrooms with en suite baths and walk-in closets
  • Convert basements into wonderful living space
  • Reorganize floorplans to maximize usable space and flow

Buying a Fixer-upper?
We Can Help You Select the Best Property to Renovate

A fixer-upper allows you to buy a property in a neighborhood you love and make it your own. When done right, you not only end up with a custom home, but you actually have created equity in the property when the project is complete.

However, not all properties lend themselves to renovation. Some opportunities are great; others are not. When the wrong property is selected, it’s often hard to make the project work out financially. Or, unexpected discoveries can ruin the best-planned budgets and schedules. 

New City can help you choose a fixer-upper with good upside. We know DC development and remodeling, and know how to spot winners. If you're considering buying to renovate, get started with our free guide "Make a Fixer-Upper Your Dream Home." 

And, if you have a specific property in mind, give us a call. We can usually provide helpful guidance right over the phone.

Projects that Help You Get More Out of Your Home

Re-imagine your home to fit your lifestyle, your growing family, or your changing needs. If you plan to stay put long-term, our range of options can help make your home work for you.

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Home Addition: Increase your home’s space with an addition. Add a master suite, new kitchen, living room, or whole new level. New City provides a range of options including rear, side, pop-up, back and front additions.

Interior Remodel: Transform the look of your home. Finally get that magazine-worthy kitchen or bathroom, or take on a complete remodel so your whole home looks brand new. New City can help you achieve your remodeling vision.


Total Renovation: Reorganizing your floorplan for flow can enhance and accentuate your space. Bring down walls, open up the layout, or combine rooms to create a master suite -- we can help you re-envision your floorplan to get more from your home.

A Home Remodeling Partner from Start to Finish

Remodeling can be intimidating. That’s especially true in the Washington, DC area, where ever-changing zoning requirements, complex permitting, uncooperative utility companies, hostile neighbors and other unique building challenges can run a project off course. For project success, you need a partner who has been through it all many times before.

New City brings a deep knowledge of local building requirements to every project. Plus, we offer guidance through the entire project lifecycle -- from initial design to project planning and through construction. Our detailed process helps smooth your remodeling experience.


The project design should reflect your vision. That’s why we start with your needs, budget and desires. We talk about your style and look at photos until we understand you. We walk you through options, and go from there. The result is a design you love and can’t wait to bring to life.


A smooth building process requires in-depth planning. Before we ever pick up a hammer, we build your project on paper, working to capture all the details in advance. Before we start construction, we make sure the whole team is clear on exactly what is being built – how and when.


During construction, we make sure you stay informed. New City manages the entire process and keeps you up-to-date with online project management tools, weekly email updates and milestone-based site meetings. Sit back and watch your vision come to life while we handle all the details.

Project Financing

Securing financing for a renovation project can sometimes be a challenge. We can share deep knowledge about home equity loans, construction loans, 203K loans and other kinds of renovation financing. If you need it, we will help you weigh all your options and find a source of capital that meets your needs.
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Your Ideal Home Is Waiting

Renovate, expand, remodel and get more from your home. Contact New City today to learn about your renovation options.