New Arts & Crafts Home in Takoma Park

I was most satisfied with Gary, the quality of his workmanship, and his communication. He was very responsive to my needs. He was superb.

This property started out as one home on a double lot. The homeowner subdivided it in order to build a new home next to his existing one. The key challenge of the design phase was working with the narrow shape of the lot and the required location of the new home relative to the existing house on the property. This limited the design options since the new project needed to be squeezed into limited space.

New City worked closely with the homeowner to design a project that fits within the tight setbacks and yet meets the client’s family needs in terms of square footage, number of bedrooms and a dedicated in-law suite. The finished home has a lovely arts-and-crafts sensibility with welcoming open spaces and many designer details. 

Completed Project