New Construction

New construction provides you with the chance to build your ideal home, in the neighborhood that you want to live in. New construction also helps investors build housing that’s suited for today’s market conditions.

New City helps you design, plan and build your ideal home. We also offer in-depth development, consulting and construction services for new construction investors. Our options include:

Custom Home – New construction on a lot owned by you. In some cases, an existing structure may need to be razed. New City helps offers a 360-degree solution: Design, planning and construction management.

Townhomes – Horizontally-attached single family structures, which may be fee simple or condo.




Mixed Use – These are multi-story properties that include a mix of retail and/or office space with residential units within the building.



Condominiums – A type of project designed to maximize available units on smaller plots. Typically, condo buildings include 2-10 units in a multilevel, multifamily building.