Project Planning

Construction Planning

After you sign the Construction Agreement and pay your deposit, New City will begin preparing your project for construction. At this point, our team will review all the specifications and drawings together, searching for anything that may have been missed in the initial meetings. If any mistakes are found, they are corrected. The next steps of planning include:

  • Evaluating requirements for permits, local approvals, utilities, environmental remediation and engineering
  • Preparing building permit documents, submitting applications and managing any required revisions
  • Providing you with list of finish materials to be selected and guiding you through that process
  • Developing a preliminary project schedule and target start date
  • Putting together bid packages for subcontractors and selecting the right team for your Project


Some clients love making selections; others can’t wait to be finished. Your project may require choosing exterior finishes, cabinets, flooring, tile, windows, doors, lighting, hardware and more, so the process can become exhausting without guidance. If you haven't already hired an interior designer to lead you through this process, we're here to help.

We'll narrow down your options to the highest quality products that work with your allowances. You’ll meet with our team and our trade partners to evaluate and choose your materials. Selections meetings are often the most exciting part of the process, since you get to see details of your project taking shape before your eyes.


Our team works with trusted vendors and suppliers to secure the best possible pricing. However, we don’t force you to order your finish materials through us. Your allowances for finishes are clearly specified in our agreement, and that money is yours to spend any way you like -- through us or other sources. When possible, ordering through New City will save you time and money, since we manage counts and quantities, and ensure that all of the "extras" required to do a proper installation are not forgotten. However, if you see the perfect lighting fixture at a craft show one Saturday, feel free to grab it.  We'll credit you back the allowance to make sure you get exactly what you want for your home.


Once permits have been issued and your required selections have been completed, we are ready to start building.* To begin your project, we:

  • Perform a final audit of drawings and scope of work with any jurisdiction-required changes
  • Schedule a kickoff meeting at your home to review project logistics, the construction process and schedule
  • Order required materials
  • Install temporary protection, fencing and bathroom facilities 
  • Start work on site

*For short projects, like kitchens and baths, we wait until all the finish materials are delivered before we mobilize.