Our Team

When you work with New City, you don’t have to worry about the details. We manage the entire project with a diverse team of in-house experts and trusted partners.

Design Team

Our design team, composed of both New City staff and our architect partners, works directly with you to transform your project ideas into buildable plans. We take measurements of your home, sketch concepts, and present renderings for your approval until we have just the right design to meet your needs.

Pre-Construction Staff

Our pre-construction staff  "builds your project on paper" before we do it in the field, to anticipate the discoveries and other challenges your project may present and to help you make trade-offs between project features and your budget. They develop construction documents, schedules and budgets. They ensure that all of the selections required for your project are completed and that you are delighted with your choices. They also oversee both permitting and coordination with utility companies, so that everything is in place before construction begins.

Construction Staff

Our construction staff supervises every detail of the building process -- from the office and from the field. They assemble exactly the right team of trusted trade partners and suppliers for your project and oversee the work to ensure that your project proceeds smoothly. They are expert problem solvers, handling all of the issues that arise during construction, If you need anything during the building process, our construction staff is your first point of contact. 

Company Leadership


Joey Yaffe is the founder of New City, and is responsible for leading the company, developing strategy and running sales, marketing and business development. Joey Yaffe has nearly thirty years experience in the development, operation and financing of businesses. He has built successful companies and has served as a consultant to early-stage and growth companies, industry consolidators and public market candidates. Prior to New City Construction, LLC, Mr. Yaffe was a managing partner of Constellar Group, Inc.

Previously, Mr. Yaffe served as Vice President of Siegel Management Company, a Philadelphia-based strategic consulting and investment-banking firm. Mr. Yaffe is a successful serial entrepreneur. He has founded, grown and managed five companies: a special events services company, an information products developer, an Internet services firm and two consulting businesses. Mr. Yaffe has an MBA in entrepreneurial management from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and a BS in finance and marketing from the University of Maryland.


Gary Kleckner has over eighteen years’ experience in construction and the trades, with over ten years as a construction supervisor. Additionally, Mr. Kleckner is a state- and nationally-certified home inspector and a MHIC-licensed contractor and salesperson. Mr. Kleckner has supervised over two hundred projects for the Company over the past six-and-a-half years. 

Prior to New City, his previous professional experience included two years working on the construction of new gas stations, three years as a flooring installer and supervisor and five years as a mason, working on and supervising projects using brick, block, stone, stucco and concrete, framing, roofing and siding.